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5/26/2019 mid day

Took Brian and his family out on a mid day family trip today fishing from 10-3. The weather was great sunny, warm, and no wind. The bite was totally different than yesterday, things were a lot slower. It seemed like everyone was having to grind hard to get fish. We stared in the slot where we left off yesterday. We couldnt get the rods in the water setting up and boxed 5 walleye along with a catfish, a couple sheepshead, white bass, and perch in no time. Things slowed down and we spun around and made another pass through and nothing. Packed it up and headed to deeper water inside the slot. We set up and started trolling picking off a fish here and there until we finally hit a good school of fish. We made several passes over that area until the trip was over. 17-19 fow took most fish and all were caught on crawlers dragging bottom.

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