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5/31/2019 mid-day

Made it up to the bay got the camper set up and the boat in the water and headed out to catch some fish. Started off in the center of the slot and the fishing was good. With only 2 of us in the boat and 6 rods out we had 11 of our 16 fish in no time. Then the sun came out and the lake went flat. The fish disappeared and we pulled lines and made a run out over the bar. I set up in some dirty water that was pouring out of the Saginaw river from all the rain and pointed the boat towards clean water I could see half a mile ahead. The lowrance lit up with more fish than I have ever seen on the bay. I could never get more than 4 rods in the water and finished up our 2 man limit in no time. Crawler Harnesses dragging bottom took all of the fish.

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