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6/2/2019 am

Had the guys show up early this morning to try to beat the wind. With 20-25 mph winds predicted and a small craft advisory starting at 10am we figured we would be lucky to get a whole trip in. We headed out deep first thing and luckily were able to ride in the trough the whole way out. We set up trolling harnesses and rode down wind making 2 big passes from 29 into 18 fow. We ended up with 11 the first pass and had 21 by the end of the second. We moved spots and made a short run only picking up 4 or 5 fish then picked and went back to where we started. By that time the wind quit and the waved flattened which fired the walleye up. We filled the cooler quickly in one more pass and ended with 42 fish just as the wind picked back up. Great day of fishing!

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