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Welcome to Catchin Hell Charters

Catchin Hell Charters is the Saginaw Bay, Lake Erie, and Great Lakes premier fishing charter specializing in walleye, perch, and salmon fishing along with waterfowl hunting. If your looking for a quality fishing or hunting trip aboard a clean, safe, and family friendly vessel then you're in the right place! 

We begin our fishing charter and guide service each spring on the Saginaw River jigging up big trophy class pre-spawn walleye. Our start time is dependent on weather and ice conditions. Some years we are able to start in January and and sometimes it March before we are able to get the boat out on the river.

After the season closes on the Saginaw River March 15th we move our operation to Port Clinton Ohio to fish Lake Erie. Lake Erie is known for GIANT walleye and we catch some of our biggest walleye of the year here. It is not uncommon to catch a 10+ pound trophy on one of our guided walleye charters and you also have the potential to catch some over 12 pounds. 

At the beginning of April we head to the Detroit River to follow the walleye on their spawning run up from Lake Erie into the river. The Detroit River is know for fast pace walleye jigging action where you have a rod in your hand and are able to feel bites and catch your own fish. This fishery draws in fisherman from all over the country.


At the beginning of May through the end of July we enter my favorite time of the year. We will be running guided walleye fishing charters on the Saginaw Bay. Trolling and covering water with big spreads of 12-16 rods is the name of the game here. Hot walleye fishing action and putting lots of good tasting walleye in the cooler quickly is the norm. Sit back relax and get ready to crank, the crew will set all of the lines and bait all of the hooks, all you have to do is battle walleye to the net!


August we head across the state to fish Lake Michigan out of the Port of Ludington. Big king salmon is there target here. Hard long battles against 20+ pound fish is what makes this fishing so much fun. 

October-December we guide waterfowl hunts on the Saginaw Bay, whether you want to hunt from the boat in a comfortable blind or from a layout boat lying in the water with ducks landing at your feet the choice is yours. Diver ducks are the target which include Bluebill, Redhead, Bufflehead, Goldeneye, and Canvasbacks but we do kill the occasional puddle ducks also. Around November the sea ducks such as Longtails and Scoter begin to show up by the thousands on the Saginaw Bay. We target these ducks far offshore, these ducks fly fast and decoy hard making for some of the best waterfowl hunting in the world! 

In October until the lake freezes up we begin fishing for walleye in the Saginaw Bay and Saginaw River as they make there way back into the bay from Lake Huron to begin staging for the spring spawn. It is weather dependent on when and where they will show up but once they do we will either be jigging for them on the Saginaw River or trolling for them on the Saginaw Bay



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