Started here we left off last night hoping they would still be there this morning. Not much happened the first pass, a fish or two. The water temp had dropped 4 degrees over night and made the fish lethargic. As the sun came up and the water temp started to rise it was on. Tight loops over the same spot were key to getting fish in the boat, if you went to far one way or the other on the pass the screen on the fish finder would go blank. We ended up with a nice batch of fish with an exceptional average size. We hooked up with close to 30 fish but they weren’t holding on well and unfortunately lots of fish were coming off at the back of the boat. Bandits and Husky Jerks 45-55 back took almost all of the fish up until about 10:00 then they went dead and Flicker Shads either down deep 80-100 back or up high only 35 back took the rest of the fish. Any lure with purple on it was the best.

Made a quick hour and a half trip out to try to find some fish for the morning and that we did. We set up about a mile and a half SW of where we fished this morning. The NE wind had pushed the stained water further down in the slot from where it was this morning. We trolled south along the edge of the bar and picked up 4 fish our first pass them turned around and caught and lost a few along with more some pike on the second pass. Bandits and Husky Jerks were best running 50-55 back.

First trip out on the Saginaw Bay for the season was a success! We didn’t catch a ton of fish but the ones that we did catch were big including some 3,4, and 5 pound fish. The early bite was good and things started to tapper off as the sun got higher. Had 6 fish in the boat in 2 passes then had to pick away at them to get the rest. Short passes back and forth in and out of the stained water were the key and almost every fish came right on the transition. Bandits and #9 flicker shads took all of the fish. 50-60 back were the best leads

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