We were met with some rough conditions as we made our way out 5 miles to the fish. We took it slow and once we got there and set up everyone forgot about the waves with fish flying in the back of the boat! We had a 24 fish walleye limit in less than 2 hours with a few bonus cats and perch

We hit the bay this morning with a great group of guys. We set up on the outside edge of the bar and trolled due south until we dropped off of the inside edge. We had 14 or 15 fish our first pass and we headed back up for another run. By that time the wind switched to the NE allowing us to set up and run down the center of the bar which worked out perfect! We made one long run catching fish the whole way until we had 40 fish in the cooler and by the time we got rods in we finished out the trip with a whooping 43 walleye!

We started off the trip this morning on the top of the bar off of Thomas rd and trolled NE for an hour. We had a dozen fish the first pass and went back up for another. It was a bust as the sun got high and the fish scattered from the shallow water. we pulled lines and headed south. We set up just inside the bar and hit a good school of fish just after getting lines set. We did loops over the school getting 3-4 fish each pass through until we finished off our 3 man limit!

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