We set up on the tail end of our run from the last few days as the wind was 180 from where it had been. It was on as soon as we got a few lines in and the after 8 or 9 fish things went dead. Got a call from a friend that was on them in the center of the slot so we made the move there. The water was dirty but the fish were snapping and we had a tough time getting lines in the water with all the fish biting.

Got Bob and his son out this afternoon and had a great time fishing. We set up on the inside edge of the bar once again and made one down wind pass to box out with a 32 fish limit. It was fast action And in an hour and a half we had our limit and headed back to shore!

We set up just north where we left off yesterday morning and that was a mistake we didn’t get a walleye until we hit the spot where we started yesterday. Once we got there it was non-stop action and we had a 3 man limit in a little over an hour and had a few bonus fish by the time we got rods pulled. Fantastic morning of fishing and we were back to the dock before 10:00am.

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